SHARE Talk: Architecture for Hospitals brings in front of a specialized audience, 8 case studies on hospitals from Romania by 8 teams of experts. The teams will continue the debate launched by SHARE Architects throughout specialized online meetings: building rehabilitation versus demolition and new construction.

At this event, Tecnostrutture is presenting “Odense University Hospital: 120,000 m2 structures in 10 months” – Speaker: Filippo Davì.

More than 20 hospitals built with Tecnostrutture NPS® beams and columns.
Construction speed and the company’s know-how in the healthcare sector are increasing the demand for the NPS® building system in Italy and abroad.

Tecnostrutture proves to be a reference partner for the construction of works regarding the healthcare sector, such as hospitals, clinics or nursing homes. The company has in fact participated in the new Bergamo Hospital in Milan Area, the Køge University Hospital in Denmark, and the Medical School in Gozo, Malta. But there are many other structures where the NPS® beam and column construction system has been employed.

Why use the NPS® system for healthcare facilities?

The “time” factor is decisive. The client demands that healthcare facilities should be built as quickly as possible, and above all safely. Traditionally, a possible solution is to carry out the work on site by casting a concrete slab. In other words, each storey must be decked out, the necessary support equipment such as wooden formwork and metal props must be rented, and the 28-day curing period must be observed.

A quicker answer may be precast concrete structures which, however, pose limitations in terms of building geometry and the installation of plants. In this context, Tecnostrutture’s NPS® steel-concrete composite structures are the preferred solution thanks to their competitive advantage in terms of time and reduced dimensions.
NPS® beams and columns are produced in the factory, in a protected environment. Then, on site, a team of just three people assembles the structures. The concrete casting follows.
As the structures are self-supporting, the area underneath the assembled deck is immediately available, without having to wait 28 days for the concrete to cure. This has several benefits:

· Installers can start their work immediately.
· Less waste is produced and there is generally no temporary material on site.
· The assembly of structures is smooth, regardless of weather conditions.
· Increased site safety.
· Increased health safety for workers and employees.

These advantages translate into construction speed, with a 40% time saving compared to traditional systems.
The controlled management of the time factor has made Tecnostrutture a reliable partner with proven experience in the construction of healthcare structures.

NPS®: a solution for managing construction sites at the time of COVID-19.
To safeguard the priority objective of health and safety on the construction site, it is necessary to become aware of the rules and new distancing procedures. The NPS® system, consisting of beam and column, is the engineering solution that allows construction with a team of only three workers. This reduces the amount of manpower on site by more than 80% compared to traditional systems, safeguarding the workers’ health in terms of both occupational safety and health safety. Together with these measures, NPS® guarantees an increase of at least 40% in productivity on site compared to the onsite casting solution.