Why Tecnostrutture Academy?

About Tecnostrutture Academy

Training, updating, sharing. Tecnostrutture Academy is the new reference for updating and sharing your knowledge in the field of steel-concrete composite structures. It is a rich container, in which to find different tools and training sessions precisely tailored to the needs of technical personnel.
Resources to read, to watch, events, IT tools to be used independently or online. Tecnostrutture Academy offers technicians knowledge and ideas with which to enrich their personal and professional skillset.
The topic of mixed structures is intertwined with other strategic contents such as seismic safety, building over existing structures or the need to design in BIM. For this reason, Tecnostrutture Academy offers both a basic seminar to learn about the design of mixed structures, and events to further explore the aspects of sustainability, SismaBonus, renovation and much more. The goal is to provide useful and practical insights allowing the designer to operate in an effective and informed way.

Who is Tecnostrutture Academy designed for

Tecnostrutture Academy is tailored for all those who work in the world of design and construction, both experts and students who are starting to approach new building technologies.

Who is behind Tecnostrutture Academy

Tecnostrutture Academy has been created by its founder and is the result of the work the Communication, R&D and Technical teams, who make their knowledge available to the community we are creating. However, we are not know-all people, and for this reason we rely on qualified collaborations that can provide in-depth contents and – it is our great hope – useful to the reader.

About Tecnostrutture

Tecnostrutture is a company founded in 1983, based in Noventa di Piave, Italy.
We offer the structural skeleton of a building, composed of beams, columns and self-supporting NPS® slabs, an innovative solution that makes the construction process faster and safer.
Tecnostrutture aims at offering its customers cutting-edge construction solutions in terms of performance, safety and aesthetics. The company is motivated by an innate forward vision and the courage to be ahead of the times. These values translate into a substantial technological and aesthetic research and development activity.

Our commitment to being culture builders

We firmly believe that sharing knowledge is the best way to move the construction industry forward. In the last 50 years, the productivity of the manufacturing sector has increased by 40%, while that of the construction market is still the same. Nothing has changed. We at Tecnostrutture believe that the time for innovation has come. Switching from traditional construction to the industrialization of the construction site. This is why since 2001 we have organized over one hundred training events at universities, professional associations and construction sites.

Our path of growth continues thanks to the support of numerous universities and the contribution that each designer provides in presenting us with new structural challenges and in suggesting innovative solutions.

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