Application Areas of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures

Composite structures as well as structures of the NPS® System can normally be applied in residential settings, service facilities as well as large infrastructures. These are industrial systems developed to streamline installation on site, to achieve maximum speed in the construction stage.

The system is normally best suited for buildings of at least three storeys or for spans from 8 to 15-16 metres. That’s the ideal target for this kind of system. However, any special applications must be assessed on a case by case basis. These structures are normally suitable for raising buildings and to absorb false loads deriving from superstructures due to the very nature of these structures, whose metal part is larger so they are hardly subject to phenomena such as viscosity and ageing. 

Also with regard of assessing how to use this technology, we are often asked how compatible are these systems with other construction technologies such as cast on site, metal structures or wooden structures, for instance, as well as others, of course. Basically, composite steel-concrete structures are actually metal elements, hence they enjoy all the attending benefits. The flexibility of steel, from the point of view of calculation as well as production and installation.

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