Speed and Flexibility of the NPS® Offsite Construction System

The Construction of a 2,200 m2 building in 6 months during Pandemic

Foundations in January 2020 and delivery in July 2020. In just 6 months, thanks to the NPS® offsite construction system, the Tecnostrutture Team worked on a 2,200m2 building in the province of Belluno (Italy). Considering a 4-week interruption due to Covid-19, the construction site continued at a non-stop pace thanks to the flexibility of the structures used.

PDTI NPS® columns, which are ideal for constructions in seismic areas as well as for maximum use of space, were used together with NPS® CLS beams with a composite steel-concrete structure, that are suitable for buildings with large loads and/or spans. The use of a simplified modular construction system has significantly reduced construction time by facilitating and speeding up the building construction.

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