5 reasons why MMC – Modern Methods of Construction – are key to a safer way of building

MMC - Modern Methods of Construction - refer to off-site construction techniques, such as factory production, prefabrication and pre-assembly, as alternatives to traditional onsite building.
The reduction of operations performed onsite, as well as a higher predictability and a standardisation of tasks, means a consequential reduction in risk. Moving more tasks to the factory environment brings additional safety benefits: less working at height; improved separation of workers and vehicle movements; use of mechanical assistance for repetitive work. 

It is therefore increasingly seen as a safer way to build, since it reduces risks for people involved in the various steps of the construction process.

This article contains an analysis of the 5 main reasons why MMC mean increased safety for workers, especially on the construction site:

# 1 – Smaller specialized teams perform standardised activities at shorter duration construction sites

#2 – Work is moved from the construction site to the factory, with mechanical assistance

#3 – Improved management of personnel and vehicle movements onsite

#4 - Reduction of work at height

#5 - Sanitary safety in case of pandemics 

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