How to assemble a 32-metre long bridge in 3 hours?

This double interview on the bridge over the Mandola river in Calceranica was made with Tecnostrutture's Technical Director Stefano China, and the client Alessandro Trentin.

The interview describes the replacement of a bridge that had become unsuitable and unsafe due to the deterioration of its load-bearing structures, with an offsite NPS® structure in reinforced concrete, with a single span of 25.6 metres and an 11-metre wide section.

The new bridge measures 32 metres and was built in record time, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing, streamlined design, and respecting the hydraulic clearance.


1. Building site name: Mandola Torrent Bridge - Calceranica (TN)
2. Designated Use: Road Bridge Use Class II
3. Work commencement and expected completion date: 01/07/2022 - 31/07/2022
4. Tecnostrutture supply start and end date: 06/06/2021 - 10/06/2021 
5. Client: Municipality of Calceranica al Lago (TN)
6. Contractor: Burlon S.r.l
7. Architectural designer: Studio Bombasaro
8. Structural designer: Eng. Bombasaro
9. Architectural Works Management: Eng. Bombasaro
10. Structural works direction: Eng. Bombasaro
11. Building size (square metres, m3, no. of floors specifying if underground): Full deck to cover a net span of 27.5m.

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