The 4 main advantages related to the application of Lean production to off-site construction

Construction, and more in general the construction industry, do not include activities that may be directly comparable to other sectors, such as the manufacturing and production industry. It is essential to identify, regarding the construction industry, those processes that represent continuous improvements of “Lean production”, and that are usually related to a product, rather than a process. By process, we mean the sequence of activities that go from the design of a building to the organisation of the construction site, including all phases of development and planning. This first academic article aims at introducing the reader to the context of “off-site” construction and its applicability in a Lean context, highlighting the benefits related to the adoption of a prefabrication system for the achievement of business and construction objectives, such as:
- time and cost certainty;
- quality and control of the finished product;
- increased safety for the operators on site;
- responsible use of resources and reduction of overall building waste.

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