How to Make a 33-Storey Residential Structure Seismic- Resistant?

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Covid-19 health emergency: what changes in the way you work on site?

The Covid-19 health emergency has changed both the way of living in the short term, and that of working in the long term. In order to achieve the primary objective of ensuring health and safety of employees on the construction site, the construction world has realised what are the restrictions and working conditions brought by new rules and procedures related to social distancing.

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The 4 main advantages related to the application of Lean production to off-site construction

Construction, and more in general the construction industry, do not include activities the may be directly comparable to other sectors, such as the manufacturing and production industry. It is essential to identify, regarding the construction industry, those processes that represent continuous improvements of “Lean production”, and that are usually related to a product, rather than a process.

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Experimental characterization of spun columns in HSC (High Strength Concrete)

Since the Second World War, the common practice in the construction of civil and industrial buildings has favoured the use of prefabricated structures. Specifically, industrialized reinforced concrete columns designed to make pendular structures have been by far the most successful linear element among elevated structures.

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